Welcome to the World of “Me”

Hello Everyone,

This is a new blog I’ve recently set up to highlight my writing adventures, talk about my latest musings, and basically, share my opinions on anything and everything!

To share a bit about me I am a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and disillusioned former employee of Corporate America. I discovered over the course of 25 years in Corporate America that “I,” the real me was dying a slow death each and every day that I stepped into an office.

The Universe kept trying to tell me to stop this continuous daily killing of myself by giving me “subtle” hints over the years. Perhaps, I’m a little slow to pick up on “hints” like getting terminated over and over from nearly every so-called “good” job I’d ever held. Mind you the terminations were for all very good reasons. Things like the company went through a downsizing or the owner of the company had a warrant out for their arrest and went on the lam for awhile or my favorite, the company shut down their call center and EVERYONE lost their job.

These events combined with the fact that I alway felt like a “square peg” in a round hole made me decide that Corporate America really wasn’t the right path for me.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’ve always enjoyed selling things. Retail clothing has been a favorite passion of mine since I was a teenager. Sadly, as a worker in that industry, there’s little money to be made.¬† Thank goodness for the Internet. The Internet has given me an opportunity to do BOTH things I love: Writing and Retail sales.

You can find my Poshmark “Closet” at: TC’s Treasures¬†

My Poshmark closet is where I sell a collection of new and gently pre-owned garments for men and women. Plus, you can find shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Most items are pre-owned and available at a savings of 60% to 80% off their original retail prices.

I hope you enjoy this blog and my other at WeddedBlissNearNFarAdventures that chronicle my travel and dining escapades with my newlywed hubby!


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