Click to Donate and Help Causes Important to You

I don’t know about you, but I yearn to help charitable organizations who rally around causes that interest me. However, there are many times my desire to give outweighs the contents of my bank account.

Now, neither I nor you need to feel guilty about not having massive amounts of financial means to help groups that tug at our heart strings. Thanks to a click and donate site called “The Greater Good” there’s a way to donate to 10 charities without writing a check or using a debit card.

If you are unfamiliar with “click to donate” sites, they are sites where just clicking on a link provides needed assistance to that specific charity. “The Greater Good” site has pages set up to contribute assistance to breast cancer patients, the rainforest, homeless vets, and many more causes. You can even sign up to receive a free daily reminder email.

In addition to the click to donate opportunity, they also offer an online store where you can shop for everything from knick-knacks to clothing and everything in between. All purchases help whatever charity you shop from within the online store.

Be sure to sign up at “The Greater Good” and click to donate and help causes important to you every day.

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